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You never know what to expect when you’re out in nature. Not only can the weather change rapidly, but wildlife can suddenly appear, so you have to be prepared for anything. This is especially true in a place like Alaska that is a wonderland for outdoorsmen.

Brad Rich was out on his friend Tony Flanders’ boat in Seward, Alaska when he experienced a once in a lifetime event. At first, they only noticed seagulls flying around, but there were lots of them. Brad began filming as more seagulls joined the flock and began moving rapidly. Someone pointed out that seagulls often swarm when they see whales from overhead. This is because when a whale breaches the surface, a bird can often get some fish.

That is indeed what happened, but it wasn’t just one humpback whale the birds were waiting for, it was an entire pod! Even more remarkable, they were right in front of Tony’s boat the whole time. As they approached the surface, the whales can begin to be heard. Suddenly, multiple humpbacks blast into the air as the American flag flies off the back of the boat.

Brad was in utter joy as he not only witnessed this miraculously timed event, but he also happened to be recording it! He squealed with delight as the whales appeared over and over. When you see the video, you will understand how his colorful language is totally forgivable in such a remarkable situation. His reaction is as fun as seeing all those humpback whales!

Watching the video below will make you feel as though you are experiencing it firsthand yourself. Be warned that Brad uses foul language to explain his physical reaction to being so surprised by the whales suddenly appearing!

Two different friends also caught something remarkable on video. A murmur of starlings appeared above their kayak and danced throughout the sky. Thousands of starlings moved together in magnificent fashion. Click here to see that amazing video.

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