PETA continued its assault on reality and common sense with a proposal so ridiculous that the animal rights organization is once again the butt of jokes.

The vegan group has asked Maine officials to build a memorial where lobsters were killed in a truck accident last week. It is suspected that 4,500 lobsters died in the crash. PETA wants to honor the lives of the “countless sensitive crustaceans” that were lost.

The lobster lovers want to erect a 5-foot headstone reminding people of the tragedy. The thought is that it would challenge them to stop eating lobsters and other animals. Maine is an odd place to try to guilt people into giving up seafood and lobsters in particular. In addition to being delicious, lobsters are important to commerce in the state.

The proposed memorial is nothing more than a permanent PETA advertisement.

As you can imagine, the locals found this proposal rather absurd. Memorials like this aren’t even erected along highways for people, but PETA wants one for lobsters! Even people who appreciate animal rights see this as a joke as the local television station reports in the video below.

PETA tried to pull a similar stunt in Maryland this month. They have begun a campaign to get people in Baltimore to give up eating crabs. The tone-deaf vegans have a billboard attempting to guilt people there to forgo eating one of their favorite foods! As you can imagine, this message was met with mockery from crab-loving Marylanders!

Jimmy’s Seafood wasn’t about to let PETA guilt anyone out of eating delicious crabs! They roasted the organization with some epic tweets.

Although PETA cares about other animals, 40,000 of the animals at their shelter have been killed since 1998. They are more concerned about the animals you are eating than they are to admit what they’ve done themselves. These members of the food police are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!

More people need to call out PETA’s hypocrisy! Click here to read how PETA had to pay $49,000 after abducting and killing a family’s chihuahua.

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