Mountain Lion

An Oregon woman had a potentially dangerous wildlife encounter in her own home when a mountain lion came strolling in and decided to take a nap for several hours.

Lauren Taylor remained calm, taking pictures and video of the experience. The big cat entered through a back door. “The door was open and the room has huge plants & stairs built around real tree branches, so she likely didn’t even realize she was walking indoors until she was inside,” she wrote on Facebook.

Her roommate was shocked to see the wildcat in the home and reacted by screaming and slamming a door. This made the cat a bit anxious, so Lauren said she tried to create peace for the wild animal so it would leave without incident. The mountain lion was so at ease that it slept behind Taylor’s couch for six hours.

She took two videos of the mountain lion snuggling up behind her couch for an extended sleep. Those two videos are below. Her ability to remain calm is rather inspiring. Obviously, she did not get much sleep that night!

Lauren knew for its own safety, she had to coax the mountain lion outside before the sun rose. She didn’t want to startle the animal when it woke, so she decided to quietly bang on a drum to encourage it out of the house. It worked marvelously. The cat got up and looked at her and immediately headed back outside as you can see in the video below.

The cat headed to an open field, far away from any homes. Though this encounter was a peaceful one, anyone in this situation is advised by Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife to call their local animal control authorities if they are in a similar situation.

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Source: Western Journal

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