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Mike Rowe appeared on “Fox and Friends” to try to smack some sense into the people who keep putting college kids in a bubble. Treating these young adults like special snowflakes and coddling them won’t help them adjust to the world outside of a college campus.

Rowe was there to discuss a¬†Florida State University’s “Students Resilience Program.” The goal of the program is to help students reduce stress. Remarkably, students have the option of skipping this program if attending it creates too much stress for them. Yes, it’s as absurd as it sounds. If the anti-stress program is too stressful, they don’t have to go! How will they learn stress management if they are constantly given excuses?

The “Dirty Jobs” host recognizes the insanity regarding this mindset.

“You can opt out of a stress program if it causes anxiety? It’s getting weird guys,” Rowe said. “I mean, I don’t really know what else to say that I haven’t said about the safe space mentality and the unintended consequences of ignoring sensible chronology with regard to the priorities we ought to be focused on, educating the youth.”

Rowe believes it’s hard to blame the students for this silliness as it is the parents and school administrators who created these safe spaces.

“We built the safe space. We’re rolling out the anti-stress programs. We’re the ones who were indulging talk of trauma for everyday situations. I think we’re the clouds from which the snowflakes fell and at some point, we have to look at each other and say ‘what’ve we, uh, what’ve we done here?'”

He’s right. These students are this way because adults keep giving them excuses to take the easy way out. But, Mike Rowe knows this isn’t the reality in a work environment. These students are in for a big shock when they leave college and expect their employers to treat them as if they’re special without ever proving that they are.


Mike Rowe gets it. The colleges aren’t doing these young adults any favors by allowing them to be driven by fear and stress. They need to learn coping skills before they get out into the real world. Space spaces prevent that from happening.

Source: IJ Review

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