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Mike Rowe has a new Facebook show called Returning the FavorThe show will find people who are helping others and then Mike will do something good for them that allows them to continue their good deeds.

Donovan is a New Mexico teen who makes soap for homeless people. The 14-year-old completely understands their situation as he and his mom Casey were once homeless. Soap is something that we really take for granted, but it can be a godsend to homeless people who want to stay clean.

Casey is a veteran who suffers from PTSD. She found herself in a bad financial situation, causing her to lose her home. She explained to Mike Rowe that she was desperate for Donovan to stay clean while they were without a home as she didn’t want social services to recognize the situation and take Donovan away from her.

As they got back on their feet, Donovan started making soap for homeless people. When Mike Rowe heard about the teen’s amazing work and work ethic, he wanted to provide him with a store that would allow him to get business experience and continue helping the homeless.

The video below is incredibly inspiring. It will give you faith in the younger generation! While so many younger people are complaining and making excuses for everything, Donovan is doing something that not only helps him, but his entire community as well!

Mike Rowe said the response to Returning the Favor has been unbelievable. “Seriously – I’ve been in TV a long time, and I’ve never worked on a show that was so well-received right out of the gate,” he wrote on his website.

So many people have a “someone should do something” mentality. Donovan didn’t wait for anyone else to do this, he stepped up and did it himself. Hopefully, Mike Rowe’s show about him will inspire others to do the same!

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