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The Kardashian family isn’t known for cutting corners. The family’s brand is living in excess and Kylie Jenner’s tour of her purse closet is a great example of how spoiled they are.

Kylie is the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner children. Oddly, she is the most successful as the 21-year-old new mother is on track to soon become a billionaire because of her cosmetic line. For this reason, she doesn’t have to spare any expense and her closet is proof of it. In her video, she is surrounded by purses that cost more than the average person’s car.

She makes it clear that her mother, Kris Jenner, raised her to expect lavish things. Kylie shows viewers a small Louis Vuitton purse that Kris gave her and Kendall when they were “babies.” These purses cost thousands, yet Jenner felt it was appropriate for a young child. In addition to that, the girls were also gifted Prada coin purses by their mother which Kylie fondly remembers toting around at an age when most children were enjoying using their imaginations and playing outside. These items are something most American women will never be able to afford, yet Kris Jenner bought two of them and gave them to her children.

Kylie is passing down this love of grossly overpriced purses to her daughter Stormi. She shows off a Hermes purse that her sister Kourtney gave her for Christmas. The youngest Jenner plans on giving this small purse, which easily could have cost $5,000, to Stormi as her first purse. I don’t know about you, but my first purse was knitted by my grandmother and probably cost a total of $5. Do you know why? Because a child doesn’t need a designer bag.

While many mothers are concerned about not spoiling their children and teaching them to grow up without a sense of entitlement, Kylie is planning to give her daughter a purse that could literally pay someone’s rent for months. This will only create another generation of this family to expect a mega-materialistic lifestyle.

This video shows us how the other side lives, but it might make you sick to your stomach. It’s one thing to earn enough money to live comfortably and have nice things, but this is overkill. When someone has the need to surround themselves in all this excess, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that they’re overcompensating for something.


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