An Interview With God

A new faith-based film that is coming to theaters later this month is getting a lot of buzz as it puts God front and center on the big screen. An Interview With God will challenge viewers to consider their relationship with God. This is not a message that Hollywood typically peddles, but it’s something we desperately need.

Earlier this year, Christian movies dominated at the box office. I Can Only Imagine smashed all predictions as people flocked to see it in theaters. Paul, Apostle of Christ also performed well at the same time. This signals the fact that there is a serious need for more faith-based films. An Interview With God has a much different spin than its Christian-based predecessors and will also create thought-provoking discussions after the movie concludes.

The movie focuses on journalist Paul Asher whose experiences covering the war in Afghanistan proved to be a turning point in his life. It bolstered his career but did serious damage to both his marriage and his faith. When faced with these struggles, Asher decided to interview a man who claimed to be God. This process had him learning more about himself and the importance of his faith in marriage.

For three days, the journalist interviewed this man. It was a challenging assignment for someone struggling with their faith. For that reason, Asher ended up answering more questions than he asked.

Academy Award nominee David Strathairn stars in the role of God while Brenton Thwaites of Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is journalist Paul Asher in this faith-based film.

A trailer for this movie can be seen below.

An Interview With God will be shown in theaters for three nights only. If you want to catch this faith-based film, head to the theater between August 20 and 22. As faith-based films continue overperforming at the box office, expect Hollywood to react by making more of them. Money talks, especially in Tinseltown!

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