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Chip and Joanna Gaines know a lot about hard work. This couple has put immeasurableF sweat equity into their business of renovating homes and they want to pass on that work ethic to their five children.

They take their kids along to constructions sites. The kids even help with demolition as this is a family business! This has made them the target of the online safety police who feel the need to criticize parents like the Gaineses for taking their kids out of a protective bubble.

Chip isn’t standing for it! In Joanna’s magazine “Magnolia Table,” the proud father explains why he takes his kids on work sites. It’s a rather basic reason. He wants them to have the experience of hard work. Learning the importance of a strong work ethic at a young age will help carry them through life and he always makes sure his children are safe.

“Since I spend the majority of my working day hopping between job sites, I’ve found that the easiest way to help my kids experience new things is by bringing them along when they get out of school,” Chip wrote. “I realized that it’s up to me to learn alongside them what they’re good at, timid about, and capable of, and then mold my parenting style to their reality – not necessarily theirs to mine.”

Chip believes the rewards of taking the kids to work far outweigh the risks. The kids are learning practical skills that will help them in their own careers.

“I feel pretty well-educated on the myriad reasons one should not bring children to a construction site – potential for injury, skinned knees, whining, potty breaks (with no working toilets), or the inevitable stray puppy or kitten they beg me to let them bring home. There are surely a million more.”

He also believes it is better to give the kids a hands-on approach to learning about renovations. It will keep them safer in the long run. These are not skills you can just learn from reading a book!

“Frankly, I think that’s more dangerous,” Chip Gaines shared. “There’s just too much at stake. What they could miss out on is far too important to risk.”

It’ll be a while until their newborn son Crew joins them on renovation sites, but you can be sure that he will be learning the family business first hand too!

Video of Chip and Joanna Gaines discussing parenting, their marriage, and the American Dream in 2017 can be seen in the video below.

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