army rescue save american flag storm video

Two Army recruiters braved extreme weather to save an American flag that had fallen during a storm. This very dedicated act was captured on surveillance video and demonstrates the patriotism of those who serve in our armed forces.

Video Shows Army Staff Sgts. Save American Flag 

Staff Sgts. Eric Barkhorn and Jared Ferguson were appropriately attending a Patriotic Week recruiting event at Top Gun Shooting Sports in Taylor, Michigan when the storm hit.

The metal flagpole outside the gun shop fell under the force of high winds, but these soldiers weren’t about to allow the Stars and Stripes to lay on the ground during the storm.

The duo rushed outside to grab the flag. When they got inside, they properly folded up the flag.

Top Gun shared the surveillance video of the flag being rescued by the Army recruiters. That video is below.

In an interview with “Fox and Friends,” Barkhorn said, “I kept thinking to myself, ‘I am not going to leave the flag on the ground. The flag means everything to me. It’s everything we stand for — it’s everything we fight for.”

NFL Players Kneel Before National Anthem And Flag

While NFL players are kneeling during the National Anthem, these brave men ran out in awful weather to pick up a flag. A military uniform will always mean more than a professional football uniform!

Top Gun owner Michael Barbour told the Daily Caller, “We were having our Patriot Week and the Army was here doing a recruiting table along with multiple other special events. Just coincidental that they were standing by the door when the storm hit.”

These two wasted no time after they saw the flag tumble to the ground.

Barkhorn, who is with the 101st Airborne, and Ferguson, with the 1st Infantry Division, discuss rescuing the flag during the violent storm with FOX’s Ainsley Earhardt in the tweeted video below.

Barbour reports a new flagpole is already up outside Top Gun and the flag is prominently flying outside this very patriotic gun shop!

Source: LifeZette

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