70 years married school bus

Jim and Janice Catlin are proof that it’s never too late for second chances. The newlyweds got married more than seventy years after meeting each other on the school bus.

The 88-year-old groom and 86-year-old bride met in 1947. Time and life continued until they reconnected recently and sparks flew. They realized they had a lot in common and there were coincidences that appeared to draw them back together decades after they first met.

“I found out not too long ago that we have lived in the same house and all these things were coincidental. I knew him right away when I first saw him,” the bride said.

The couple saw each other almost daily while they dated. A year into their courtship, Jim and Janice decided to finally tie the knot. This Wisconsin couple had their wedding at the Portage County Courthouse surrounded by loved ones. It was clear by their very long kiss that they were both quite happy to be husband and wife!

After making it official, Mr. and Mrs. Catlin rode off in a chariot. They took a tour of their town of Stevens Point before eating pizza with their friends and family. This couple is no frills, they are just happy to be together. It’s never too late for marriage when you have found the right person!

When asked what his favorite thing is, Jim replied, “It’s just her and we just want to stay together.”

Jim and Janice are staying together now as husband and wife. While many people don’t believe that finding love is possible, these newlyweds, Jim and Janice are proving them wrong and looking forward to their future together.

If you believe in love, you will adore the video below!

God is always in charge and sometimes he brings someone back into our lives when we need them the most! May Janice and Jim have many wonderful years ahead!

Source: Inside Edition

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