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Many kids these days aren’t taught proper respect. Some parents are more concerned about being a friend to their children rather than a role model leading them to make the right decisions. But, one patriotic mom showed us all how it’s done when she pulled her son’s baseball hat off during the National Anthem.

This went down during a Boston Red Sox game against the New York Yankees. The boy was batting .500 with regards to Anthem etiquette. He had his hand over he heart, but he was clueless about the need to remove his hat. When his mom noticed, she immediately took matters into her own hands and removed it herself, placing it over his heart. She does this all in one swift motion. This mom clearly means business. Her child will be respectful!

She didn’t need to say a word to teach this child respect. He didn’t know proper procedure so she showed him how it was done. What makes this terrific is that the moment happened to be airing on television, so this mom taught people all over the country how to pay respect to our country! People on Twitter immediately noticed this fast-acting mom’s reaction.

The mom who is being commended for her patriotism was appropriately wearing a shirt with the American flag on it. The boy took no offense to being coached by his mom in this manner. He didn’t react as she swiftly removed the hat from his head and put it in the proper position. Now, he knows what to do next time!

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Every patriotic American will cheer as they watch the video of this mom showing her son the ropes in the video below!

The NFL should put this mom in charge of teaching the players how to act during the National Anthem. Everyone would be standing and paying respect or she’d probably put them in time out!

Source: Western Journal

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