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Melania Trump defines grace under pressure. The First Lady has been the target of leftists ever since her husband announced his presidential campaign. But, her former roommate is not surprised by how Melania is able to handle it all.

Victoria Silvstedt shared an apartment with Melania in the early 90s when the two were first breaking into the modeling world. Victoria was from Sweden while Melania grew up in Slovenia. The pair both ended up rising to the top of the modeling world but first, they lived together in a six-floor apartment in the heart of Paris. Since there wasn’t an elevator, they had to climb up all those flights of stairs. These young models weren’t exactly spoiled!

Victoria describes the First Lady as “the perfect roommate,” and that she was “clean, neat, domestic. I don’t think I could have asked for a better roommate, actually.” She also said that Melania idolized Sophia Loren. Much like Loren, Melania’s fashion tastes are classic and traditional. They both always look flawless.

Since they were just starting their careers, Melania and Victoria didn’t have money for fancy Parisian restaurants. The aspiring models would cook and eat in together. Apparently, they ate a lot of tuna salad!

Both models ended up in New York where Victoria became the face of Guess jeans in the late 1990s. The Swedish model is not surprised that Melania doesn’t react to awful criticism and threats lobbed by leftists. “Whatever goes [on] around her, she is calm,” she said. “She has class.”

Victoria also said it’s a little bit surreal that her roommate is now the First Lady of the United States. “She was my roommate — it’s cool,” Silvstedt said. “She’s the first lady. That’s America. Anything is possible in America, right?”

In the video below, Victoria Silvstedt offers an insider’s perspective on life with Melania Trump.

It’s not surprising that Melania receives such high praise from her former roommate. She is the epitome of class.

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