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Television executives have taken aim at conservative shows and actors in increasingly blatant ways. First, they took their aim at Tim Allen, then they went after Roseanne Barr. But, now there is something to celebrate! “Last Man Standing” is returning!

Tim Allen’s show was one of the funniest on television. He played the only man in a household with four other women, including his wife and three daughters. What made the show unique was that it didn’t play into the liberal Hollywood ideals that are so rampant in today’s entertainment. Instead, it was not afraid to call out hypocritical Hollywood and liberal culture. That is a perspective that is sorely lacking in television and Fox understands the need for a show that speaks to families with traditional values!

ABC Executives showed their liberal bias when they canceled “Last Man Standing” last year, despite its high viewership. The program consistently won its time slot, but the TV network still axed the conservative-leaning show. Apparently, it was a threat to Hollywood liberals as it showed a conservative man in a positive light. Now fans of the show will be cheering that it is returning on a network that appreciates diversity of thought outside the Hollywood bubble.

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The star tweeted out the exciting announcement about the show’s return this fall.

This is terrific news! Fans loved this show as it was not only funny, but it was comedy without liberal bias that was geared towards the average American. Fox is obviously continuing with the show’s approach when it is relaunched in September. The network is excited to bring “Last Man Standing” back and is already promoting the show. A video from Fox is below.

Tim Allen made it pretty clear that he believes ABC canned the show because of its conservative themes and opinions.

“There is nothing more dangerous, especially in this climate than a funny, likable conservative character. He is mitigated on the show by a family of women who had a difference of opinions, but [Mike Baxter] was a likable guy and a principled guy about work and ethics and all this stuff, I think.” Allen said.

Now, “Last Man Standing” fans won’t have to worry about the showing being canceled again for political reasons. Fox understands that people want this show back!

Source: Western Journal

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