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Elvis Presley always poured a lot of emotion into his songs. He wore his heart on his sleeve when he sang and that was never more apparent than when he sang Gospel songs. One such example was during his 1972 recording of “Always On My Mind” and for very personal reasons.

Elvis recorded “Always On My Mind” on March 29th, just weeks after his February separation from his wife Priscilla. The song is filled with regret for not appreciating a lost love. The subject of the song was especially emotional for Presley given that his marriage had just crumbled. Anyone who has gone through a divorce or meaningful relationship wonders what could have been done differently. Elvis clearly felt that sting as well.

People quickly took notice of this song and the struggle Elvis was facing by letting Priscilla go. “Always On My Mind” received immense fame and critical appreciation and is considered one of the standout songs of the ’70s. It had tremendous crossover appeal, performing well on both the Adult Contemporary and Country charts. Everyone who has experienced heartbreak can appreciate the regrets expressed in this song.

Elvis always my mind

1st May 1967: Rock and roll singer and actor Elvis Presley (1935 – 1977) holding hands with his bride, Priscilla Beaulieu Presley, on their wedding day, Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The video below captures Elvis recording the song. It is appropriately interspersed with pictures of Elvis and Priscilla over the years and will certainly touch your heart. The King was in pain and we all felt it.

Wow! His heartbreak was so raw. Willie Nelson put his own spin on this song a decade later, but Elvis’s remains the favorite version for many fans.

In 2016, Priscilla revealed the reason she decided to leave Elvis. The pressure of being married to a celebrity was ultimately their undoing. Elvis was so famous, they couldn’t even go out to dinner like a normal couple. Her world became limited because of her inability to live a normal life. She still loved him, but the fame crippled their relationship. They even held hands when they saw the judge to get divorced.

When you hear Priscilla discuss the divorce in the video below, you will understand why Elvis’s devastation was obvious in “Always On My Mind.”

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