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Elvis Presley was unlike any other entertainer. While there are many impersonators, there will never be another performer like Elvis. He was the King of Rock, but more importantly, he was a Christian.

While he was best known for songs like “Love Me Tender,” this country boy often grabbed the mic and sang about Jesus during his concerts. He didn’t care what anyone thought. He wanted to sing about his love for the Lord and nobody was going to stop him.

Dressed in a signature white jumpsuit, Elvis sang “An American Trilogy” which blends patriotism and Christianity. It includes the  “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah” chorus. It’s a terrific display of Elvis at his best. He sang about being a Southerner, an American, and a Christian!


Even at the peak of fame, Elvis didn’t shy away from his beliefs. In his final performance on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” the King sang “Peace In the Valley.” This was in 1957 and The King was helping to raise money for relief efforts.

Elvis Presley
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He could have sung any of his massive hits, but he chose a gospel song. He wanted to bring some much-needed faith to encourage people to be generous to those in need.

The fact that he chose a gospel song for this performance says a lot about his character. He never turned his back on his faith when he was on stage.


Wow! Not only was that a moving performance, but that was quite a statement of support from Ed Sullivan. Sullivan had all the big names on his show, making his words about Elvis profound!

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It’s hard to imagine today’s megastars singing gospel music so proudly during a concert. Elvis did this throughout his career. I really miss the old days when stars didn’t have to exchange their faith for celebrity.

Source: God As My Witness

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