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Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra were both legends of their own brands of music. They became household names that are still recognizable generations after their initial fame. So, the two of them together singing “Love Me Tender” was truly something special.

Rock n Roll was a much different brand of music than what Frank Sinatra was accustomed to, so together, the pair was able to put a completely different spin on Elvis’s smash hit. Frank brought his own flair to it which created a superb performance.

A big band was used to bring more Sinatra essence to the song since Frank was not a fan of rock n roll. He had previously said it “smells phony and false” and the artists were “cretinous goons.” But, Frank’s daughter Nancy talked him into performing with the King and it appeared that Frank enjoyed the experience.

This performance happened in 1960 after Elvis left the Army. During his time in the service, his mother died and he was wondering if he could restart his music career. The 45-year-old Sinatra hosted an event to celebrate the 25-year-old Army veteran’s return and thank him for his service to our country. “The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: Welcome Home Elvis” was attentively watched by many Americans.

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The video below will remind you of the authentic zest of performers of the past. Back then, it was an honor to sing on television and such a memorable occasion to have two legends sing together, so the pair wore tuxedos. You don’t see that often today!


Another reason this performance was such a treat for people was that it was the first time anyone had seen Elvis Presley perform in quite a while. After this, it was as if Elvis had never left the stage at all!

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