School bans god bless America

Rob Moore’s son is in 4th grade at Roosevelt Elementary in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He objected to and was offended by his son’s teacher having things in the classroom that say “In God We Trust” and “God Bless America.”

After his demands were not addressed by the school, Moore got an attorney. The poster of Vices and Virtues below is one of the items that upset this parent. It is hard to understand why anyone would get upset over a lesson on right and wrong. Perhaps this parent wants to teach his son that hatred, cheating, and stealing are good things.

Vices Virtues

Moore claims he’d been asking the school to remove these items for five months. He claims they are illegal, and doesn’t want his son subjected to them.

The parent also doubles as a president of a chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Perhaps he was looking for a fight and decided to put his son in the middle of it.

After his attorney sent a letter to the school district, Moore claims the teacher took all of the offending items down.

Moore wrapped an insult in an apology in an attempt to make amends with his son’s teacher. He said, “She’s a loving teacher and cares about the kids. She’s misguided.”

Does Moore take exception to spending or earning money that says “In God We Trust,” or does he prefer to accept this money and fight 4th-grade teachers instead?

We have serious problems going on at schools. With school shootings happening at alarming frequencies, perhaps students need to learn about vices and virtues and treating people better.

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Source: Fox News

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