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I Can Only Imagine has smashed box office predictions by being in the third spot again. The movie outperformed Oprah Winfrey’s A Wrinkle In Time. The movie that highlights Bart Millard’s story behind his smash Christian hit I Can Only Imagine, is holding strong against Black Panther.

Hollywood should be listening to the message Christians are sending them at the box office. We are craving quality entertainment and movies with Christian themes and stories. Hollywood is driven by earnings and these movies are cleaning up even when challenged by expensive movies from Hollywood’s top performing studios.

Paul, Apostle of Christ, was released for the weekend that starts Holy Week leading up to Easter. Christians reacted by flocking to theaters to put this independent film in the 8th spot for the weekend.

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The movie obviously deals with Paul’s journey while he’s being held captive while Nero is killing Christians. Luke risks his life to go to Rome and visit Paul. Luke promises to write a book that details the beginnings of “The Way” and what will become the birth of the church. Paul endures intense struggles, both physically and internally. As he awaits death, he deals with his past transgressions and wonders if he has been forgotten, and if his life will end on strong footing.

This movie shows how Paul and Luke live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ and spread His message to the world. A trailer for this movie can be viewed below.


These strong performing movies showcase the power Christians have at the box office. These high ticket sales should result in more films from this genre. Money talks and Hollywood should be listening. There is a demand for Christian-themed movies and Hollywood should produce movies that serve us Christians.

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