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Carol Burnett was the Queen of Comedy. From 1967 to 1978 millions of American families gathered around their television sets to watch “The Carol Burnett Show.” The incredibly popular variety/sketch comedy series offered us something new every week. You didn’t know what you would see, but you knew one thing for sure – that you would be laughing a lot.

Vicki Lawrence looks so much like Carol that sometimes people confused the two. Actually, this is what led to Vicki’s big break. When she was just a senior in high school, Vicki was competing in her local fire department’s Miss Fireball Contest. A newspaper reporter wrote that the teen looked like Carol Burnett so Vicki took a chance and sent a clip of the newspaper along with a fan letter to the famed funny lady. Carol actually called the surprised teen and showed up to the Miss Fireball contest! The rest is “Carol Burnett Show” history!

Carol and Vicki were realistically able to play sisters. In the clip below, these “sisters” were waiting for Vicki’s date but things didn’t go as planned. This date came on strong to Carol before Vicki even came to greet him. Then, things took a weird turn when his Mommy called repeatedly ordering him around. This was long before cell phones which makes it even funnier.

This very forward man dressed up in flashy bedazzled clothes was under the thumb of his own mother! As you can imagine, this hilarious situation ended rather unpredictably. Watch until the end to get the biggest laugh from Harvey Korman who played Carol’s husband!

Today’s Hollywood producers should watch old episodes of “The Carol Burnett Show” so they know what true comedy is. Nothing on television today compares to what Carol Burnett did for 11 straight years. She is a comedic genius that the entire family can enjoy watching. This was good, clean comedy and Americans loved it!