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Imagine the horror of waking up during the night to find a wild animal in your home. That is what happened to a 71-year-old New Hampshire woman who is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a black bear in her kitchen.

Apryl Rogers was awoken by a noise at 1:15 am on Tuesday. Shockingly, when the wheelchair-bound woman followed the noise, she discovered the wild animal looking for food. New Hampshire Fish and Game authorities believe the bear attacked her while frantically trying to get out of the house. It was trapped and went into fight or flight mode without an immediate exit.

It is believed the bear entered the home through a side door that was unlatched. Rogers kept bird and cat food near the door, likey enticing the hungry animal who viewed that as a sort of welcome. Her daughter Stacey Murray was horrified with what she found.

“There’s trash everywhere. There’s bear feces everywhere. There’s blood everywhere,” Murray said. “She was yelling at the bear to get out,” Murray told CBS Boston. “[It was] really very scary.”

Remarkably, Rogers was able to drag herself to the phone to call 911. She has injuries to her neck and head along with several fractures. Even after a 6-hour surgery, she may still lose an eye from the battle with the bear.

Black bears are generally harmless to people, but authorities believe the animal became scared since it was unable to easily find a way out when the shocked woman surprised it by coming into the kitchen. While this is a very rare situation and shouldn’t be of much concern to people in her area, that doesn’t help Mrs. Rogers recover from this life-changing nightmare.

More information about this horrific attack is in the video below.

Authorities are searching for the bear that will likely be killed when it is found.

Source: People

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