bear encounters

A man in a tree stand got quite a shock when a bear decided to pay him a visit.

The man watched while the bear calmly and slowly approached him. The man maintained complete silence until the bear decided to come spend some time with him.

The black bear looks up at the man and then begins to climb the ladder. It appeared that the bear wanted to join the man. Clearly, a tree stand is no place for a man to be hanging out with a bear.

The man decided he had to try to stop the bear. Calmly, and without a raised voice, because he doesn’t want to scare off any other animals, the man asks the bear what he is doing. I would have been screaming my head off, but this man was quite calm while the wild bear got closer and closer.

Watch the bear’s reaction in the video below:

Who would ever think that asking, “Hey, what are you doing there?” would cause the bear to turn around and head back down the stairs? The man didn’t even have to raise his voice to get the bear to leave him alone.

In some areas, dealing with bears is part of life. Close calls are to be expected in parts of the world. Russia is one of those places.

The video below has a compilation of close calls with bears. These bears are enormous. It appears that there are some brown bears in this video, but there are grizzly bears as well. It’s rather shocking how these men get so close to these giant bears and don’t appear to be concerned. This seems to be part of life there.

Wow! Those men and dogs didn’t appear to be scared at all. I guess this is what happens when you see bears on a regular basis.

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