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Sometimes talent shows can be hard to watch. Usually, because the contestant can’t sing well but that’s not always the case on “America’s Got Talent.” Recently, the audience wished they were only hearing a bad singing audition after a trapeze act went horribly wrong.

It was both hard to look away and hard to watch when Duo Transcend took the stage on the hit show. Husband and wife duo Mary and Tice have a dangerous act as it is, but that risk is increased by the fact that Tice is legally blind. The couple met when they were performing as high divers in a cliff show. They are accustomed to working in extreme heights, but this just wasn’t their night.

High up in the air, this couple demonstrates their strength, flexibility, and trust in each other. But, something when terribly wrong during the competition when Tice failed to catch Mary during a move that ended in her falling.

Even before the fall, the judges found this performance nerve-wracking. Howie Mandel couldn’t sit still and Simon Cowell had to even turn his back out of fear of what would come next. When Tice put a blindfold on, it felt like something was going to go wrong and it did.

Mary hit the stage hard and her 2-year-old son and her mother watched it all in horror. Thankfully, the pads on the ground help cushion her painful landing. It’s hard to imagine this fall not resulting in some serious injuries, but she was able to stand back up. Remarkably, they asked if they could try it again.

“No, it’s fine!” Mel B yelled, putting the kibosh on a repeat performance. “It’s fine.”

The other judges agreed that they didn’t want to see it again as nobody could withstand the anxiety of worrying that there would be a second fall.

Watch the “America’s Got Talent” video below to see it for yourself.

I can’t imagine what their son was thinking when he saw his mom fall from the ceiling. It must be hard being separated from his parents while they travel, but it must be even worse for the boy to see his mom injured in a death-defying act.

You can watch a highlight clip of other performances by Duo Transcend below.

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