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When a sweet and friendly pit bull was found running the streets of New Orleans, animal rescuers knew they had to work quickly. It was obvious that this emaciated dog had recently had puppies that hadn’t nursed in quite some time and she was begging for someone to help her rescue them.

The dog, who they affectionately began calling “Momma,” led rescuers to a house where her babies were. But, the man there refused to hand over the pups. A camera crew for “Pit Bulls and Parolees” captured the heartbreak and anxiety in the mom’s eyes as she was led away from the house where her babies were being kept from her.

You can tell a lot about a person by how they care for animals. Anyone who would throw a momma dog out on the street away from her babies might have just reserved his spot in hell. No good can come of such a situation. The man claimed the mom belonged to his roommate who is now in jail. He had enough of caring for the mother so he locked her out of the house.

With the help of lawyers, Villalobos Rescue Center was able to get the puppies. Two of them were in bad shape when they were hauled off so these caring rescuers rushed to make a reunion with their mother possible. Lives were literally on the line as they made the drive back to where Momma was being kept.

Momma was ecstatic to see her hungry babies. She immediately laid down with them so they could nurse. Her milk and love is exactly what these sweet puppies needed.

The video below is an emotional one. You’ll be cheering when this family is reunited.

What a great mom! Most pit bulls are not deserving of the reputation they are often given. Any breed of dog can be aggressive if trained improperly but the truth is, this breed’s natural inclination is to be sweet and friendly. This mom was loving not only to her babies but to everyone!

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Source: Western Journal

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