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WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 14: Actor Kevin Costner (L) and Pharrell Williams talk with the media at the "Hidden Figures" Washington, DC Screening at National Museum of African American History & Culture on December 14, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

Kevin Costner must be trying to jump-start his stalled career. The Dances With Wolves star recently decided to be the spokesman for the Hollywood Resistance while he joined the leftist ladies of “The View.”

The actor, who seemingly hasn’t had a hit in decades, decided to use his TV appearance to slam President Trump. Afterall, he had the perfect sidekicks in Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to clap along for his nonsense.

Costner joined the ladies to promote his television series “Yellowstone” on Paramount. Behar couldn’t help but ask him his opinion on politics because she wants Trump slammed at every opportunity. Costner obliged by claiming he is “not recognizing America right now” because of the Trump Administration.

“I’m not recognizing America right now,” The Bodyguard star said. “I don’t recognize its voice. I don’t recognize any individual statements. I feel people going with the flow, and there’s people right in the middle. We’re in a really weird spot, and it takes a high level of compassion, empathy, and intelligence to work our way out of this.”

Costner took aim at the Republican President on immigration issues. “We have to do better. We’ve been about more. We can be about more, and right now we are acting really small,” Costner continued.

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Perhaps Costner should invite these illegal immigrants to come live near him. These Hollywood stars want to let everyone in, but you don’t see them taking in any refugees. These stars appear to believe the consequences of mass illegal immigration should only be felt by common people. Costner and his ilk are well protected in their gated communities and with personal bodyguards.

I’m not sure how Costner’s comments will play out since he is out promoting a television show. Conservatives would likely be the target audience of this modern day western series. Surely, some people won’t watch because they are turned off by his hostile comments.


I’ll take a pass on watching “Yellowstone.” I don’t want to feed Costner’s ego.

Source: Free Beacon

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