cop meets man delivered him

Traffic stops rarely bring about good feelings, but that’s exactly what happened in Kingwood Township, New Jersey. After a brief chat for a minor infraction,¬†Trooper Michael Patterson realized the man he had pulled over was someone he had heard about in family stories his entire life.

Matthew Bailly is a retired police officer. When he and Patterson began speaking, it quickly became clear that they shared an important bond. When Trooper Patterson said he used to live on Poe Place, Bailly said he knew that street well as he delivered a baby named Michael on that street in 1991. It was something the retired cop never forgot as it was his first delivery. He had only been on the job for four years at that time.

Immediately, Patterson realized it was Bailly who delivered him when his mom was unable to get to the hospital. Rather than writing Bailly a ticket for tinted windows, he thanked him!

This traffic stop was more than a coincidence. It was a reunion three decades in the making! It’s almost difficult to imagine the probability of this happening. A police officer was the first person to see Michael Patterson’s face. 27 years later, Patterson was a cop himself, face to face again with the police officer who delivered him.

Trooper Patterson and his mom went to visit Bailly and his wife after this chance reunion. God is so good and works in mysterious ways!

Thanks to a body cam, this chance encounter was caught on video. If you support our police officers, you will love the video below!

Matthew Bailly likely has the most creative story for getting out of a ticket! This traffic stop is one of a kind and their reunion is like hitting the lottery for both of these families!

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Source: WNEP

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