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An Atlanta Braves fan put NFL players to shame when he held an umbrella over a JROTC cadet in the rain during a game on Memorial Day.

Members of our military don’t take a break because of the weather. This sacrifice is lost on many people, but baseball fans aren’t just any people. They tend to be patriotic. They stand for the National Anthem. They salute the flag. And they honor members of our military.

A young JROTC cadet stood in the rain next to an empty seat during the Braves game to represent soldiers who were Prisoners Of War or Missing In Action. Even though these soldiers are not there, there is still a space reserved for them at some ballparks. This cadet wasn’t going to let rain prevent him from honoring the sacrifices that were made by these soldiers. But, a fan wasn’t about to let this cadet get soaked either.

The fan stood in the rain as he shielded the JROTC cadet from the elements. The kind fan gazed downward as he obviously appreciated the honor and sacrifice of the POW/MIA soldiers who were being remembered.

The Atlanta Braves tweeted out a picture of this amazing gesture that quickly went viral. This isn’t something you would expect from the NFL as players continue protesting the National Anthem during games. This is why baseball is America’s past time!

Bravo! We can never give members of military enough respect!

This picture reminded me of a time President Obama was speaking in the rain. A Marine standing next to him held an umbrella over Obama to shield him from the rain as the soldier stood there and got soaked. It’s rather poignant to compare Presidents Obama and Trump’s treatment of members of our military in the tweet below. President Trump went out of his way to return a hat to a Marine after it was blown off by the wind.

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Source: Western Journal

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