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People around the globe tuned in to watch the Royal Wedding on Saturday. While there was much pageantry along with the non-traditional elements of the wedding, many of us missed one thing that will certainly melt a lot of hearts.

Queen Elizabeth was accompanied by a special guest when she arrived in Windsor to witness her grandson Prince Harry marry his American fiance Meghan Markle. Riding beside her was her soon to be granddog.

The Queen’s lifelong affection for dogs is well documented. She understands the importance of having a canine friend and obviously wanted Meghan to have her dog nearby. This is an incredibly touching gesture. The Queen’s beloved final corgi that she bred and raised died just last month and she clearly has become close to Markle’s dog to help with her grief.

Pictures were snapped of Guy’s head peeking out the window of the car while sitting next to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, who was taking him to Markle. Simply adorable!


This is quite a journey for a Kentucky beagle who was at one point unwanted and on the euthanasia list at a shelter. A hound rescue saved him and took him to an adoption event near Toronto where the “Suits” actress adopted him. This pup truly has a rags to riches story as he is now living in an English castle!

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Markle documented her affection for her beloved dog on her now-defunct Instagram page. Guy is an important part of her life and she wanted him to accompany her to England to start the next chapter.

Meghan Markle

Guy has been living in London since November. Since then, he has obviously made friends with the Queen. Her Majesty has had corgis and dorgis (dachshund-corgi mixes) for years. As a beagle, Guy is much different than the Queen’s preferred dogs, but much as she has accepted her new American divorcee granddaughter-in-law, she has accepted this adorable hound as well!

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Source: Harper’s Bazaar

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