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Queen Elizabeth is devastated as she mourns the death of her beloved corgi named Willow, who was the final descendant of Queen Elizabeth’s corgi Susan. This death is hitting the Queen rather hard as it is the end of the corgi era at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen got her first corgi when she was just 7-years-old. They have been part of her life ever since and would often accompany her as she traveled. This death is particularly hard on the grieving Queen who made the decision to put Willow to sleep after a long battle with cancer.

Queen Elizabeth corgi

Willow was a 14th generation descendant of Susan, who the Queen got as an 18th birthday present from her father King George VI. Three years ago, Her Majesty decided to end her breeding program because of her age. The Crown Chronicles declared, “The reign of the corgi in the House of Windsor appears to be over.”

Queen Elizabeth still has two dorgis, dachshund-corgi mixes, named Vulcan and Candy. But, the full bred dogs associated with the Queen for decades will no longer accompany Her Majesty.

Willow was the last royal corgi that appeared with the Queen and Daniel Craig in the video at the opening of the 2012 London Olympics. You can see that video below.

Queen Elizabeth first fell in love with corgis when Dookie joined the Royal Family in 1933. It will be a big change not only at Buckingham Palace but also for royal watchers. Corgis are synonymous with the Queen. With Willow’s passing, that is now over.

It’s a challenging time for Queen Elizabeth, but it’s something that all of us who have ever loved a dog has had to endure. These loyal companions steal our hearts with their loyalty and love, but they don’t stay with us for long.

Not having Willow will be a big change for the Queen. It clearly will be challenging as she transitions to life without corgis.

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