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Prom season is upon us. This means we will see plenty revealing pictures of prom dresses on social media that we would never have been permitted to wear when we were in high school. A Dearborn, Michigan high school took a stand saying it will hand out modesty ponchos to prom attendees who need to cover up.

Divine Child High School in Michigan said female students whose prom dresses are deemed to be inappropriate will be given a modesty poncho. The Catholic high school doesn’t want exposed cleavage showing, spaghetti straps, or backless dresses.

Modesty ponchos were displayed around the school on mannequins along with a message that said, “If your dress does not meet our formal dance dress requirements – no problem! We’ve got you covered – literally. This is our Modesty Poncho, which you’ll be given at the door. :)”

Students who wanted to show their cleavage at the Catholic High School prom were upset and claimed this was body shaming. They don’t seem to understand there is a dress code and they need to follow it.

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“I do believe the school has gone too far with this,” one student said. “As we walk into prom, we are to shake hands with all the teachers and if you walk through and a teacher deems your dress is inappropriate you will be given a poncho at the door.”

The school already has asked parents to sign off on dress guidelines for the dance, so this poncho should not have come as a surprise, but rather a reminder to follow the dress code. Each year, it appears these dresses reveal more and more. What used to be a night of elegant attire has descended into a celebration of skin for many attendees.

More information about the modesty poncho is in the video below.

There was so much backlash from people who wanted the students to show off skin at prom that Divine Child backpeddled on the modesty poncho.

The school sent a letter to parents stating the ponchos were never actually intended to be handed out at prom. Rather, they were a reminder to follow the dress code. Students still have to follow the dress code. If they don’t, they will be given a shawl or wrap at the door to enable them to cover up.

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Source: Fox 2 Detroit

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