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Liberal SJWs recently took their outrage culture to a new low when they attacked a high school student for choosing to wear a traditional Chinese dress to prom.

Like most other high school girls, Keziah Daum was excited to attend prom and shared numerous pictures of herself and her friends on social media.

However, Daum’s joy turned to horror when complete strangers started attacking her for wearing a qipao, a traditional Chinese dress that dates back to the 17th century. One Twitter user, in particular, a supposed grown man named Jeremy Lam, went on tweet tirade against Daum’s dress, accusing her of cultural appropriation and “colonial ideology.”

However, despite Lam’s self-aggrandizing tirade and the numerous unfortunate souls who agreed with him, Daum didn’t back down. She defended her decision to wear the dress, which she said she found in a vintage shop and refused to take down the photos.

And there were plenty of people, including Chinese people, who agreed with Daum.

Furthermore, another Twitter user went back into Lam’s tweet history and discovered that he doesn’t have much room to accuse anyone else of racism.

Unfortunately, this sort of hypocrisy is rampant among so-called progressives. Indeed, many SJWs seem to believe that only white people are capable of racism and “cultural appropriation,” while everyone else is allowed to do and say whatever they want, no matter how cruel or ignorant. Would Lam and his supporters also recommend that we revert to segregation in an effort to prevent cultural exchange?

The qipao certainly has immense historical significance, as people have pointed out. But that doesn’t mean it should be off-limits to people who find it beautiful just because they’re not Chinese. Daum looked beautiful in the dress and good for her for not backing down to people like Lam who have no real goal other than harassment.

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