Meghan Markle’s family continues attempting to cash in on the Royal Wedding. Her half-sister and brother have tripped over themselves trying to grab attention and profits and her nephew doesn’t want to be left out. He is now selling a special strain of marijuana named “Markle Sparkle.”

Just when you thought Meghan’s family couldn’t embarrass her more on the world stage, her nephew is peddling drugs to commemorate his aunt’s joining of the Royal Family. Making the cash grab even more obvious, Tyler Dooley doesn’t even share Markle’s name.

Dooley is the son of Meghan’s half-brother Thomas. He lives in Oregon where marijuana is legal and claims his Mary Jane will “blow your crown off.” Imagine Queen Elizabeth learning of this behavior of her soon to be granddaughter-in-law’s family. Although Oregon has relaxed drug laws, this is not the case in the United Kingdom. His attempt at entrepreneurialism is a tremendous embarrassment to the Royal Family as the world is preparing to watch the wedding.

The “Markle Sparkle” farmer would be jailed for many years attempting to pull this off on the United Kingdom. But Meghan’s nephew has offered his aunt and soon to be uncle a rather unusual wedding gift. He said they are welcome to have a free sample of “Markle Sparkle.” I’m sure they’re honored by the offer.

“It’s a secret blend and the high is amazing. It’s very potent and smells of blueberries,” the Royal pothead said. “It is unique and classy like my aunt. She and Prince Harry are welcome to a free sample any time.”

Dooley’s mom is also in on this royal cash grab. She started the pot business with her son. They appropriately named their company Royally Grown and have ambitions to take their marijuana to high levels. “Everything will be of the highest quality,” Tracey Dooley said. “We plan to build a global empire like the Kardashians.”

Can anyone blame Meghan for not inviting her siblings and their children to her wedding? Markle used to babysit her nephew when he was young. Maybe she should have told him not to do drugs, or at least not sell them in her name!

Meghan Markle family

While many of us are excited that an American is becoming a member of the Royal Family, we are left shaking our heads over the actions of many members of her family!

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Source: The Sun

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