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Mere days after it was announced that Meghan Markle’s estranged father would walk his daughter down the aisle, Thomas Markle has suddenly decided NOT to attend the Royal Wedding this weekend.

Thomas, 73, told TMZ that he suffered a heart attack six days ago, but had checked himself out of the hospital in anticipation of walking Meghan down the aisle. Additionally, Thomas reportedly does not want to “embarrass” his daughter or the royal family after he was caught staging paparazzi photos of himself preparing for the wedding.

According to the Daily Mail, Thomas worked with photographer Jeff Rayner to stage the photos. However, despite reports that the photos sold for upwards of $100,000 to publications the world over, Thomas claims he didn’t make much money off of them. Additionally, Thomas says that money has never been a motivating factor for him, noting that he’s turned down multiple offers for interviews offering up to $100,000. The reason he staged the photos, he says, is because the paparazzi candids snapped of him made him look “slovenly and unkempt.”

As for Meghan, she’s reportedly “upset and disturbed” by the photo scandal and “just wants to move past it.” Further, an insider told US Weekly that Meghan’s relationship with her father “has always been strained” because of “his ill-thought-out decisions and his lack of responsibility.”

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This entire situation is just a mess, and certainly not something any bride would want to deal with just days before her wedding. Earlier this month, Harry’s communications director revealed that the prince has yet to meet his future father-in-law. However, if Thomas did truly suffer a heart attack, it might be best for him to stay out of the spotlight until the photo scandal blows over. That being said, there could very well be a chance that Thomas still walks his daughter down the aisle. If he doesn’t, it could be that much more difficult for them to repair their relationship.

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