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Arizona grandma Adrienne Gutowski is a viral sensation thanks to her accidentally taking a video in selfie mode as she attempted to figure out her new smartphone. She proved that technology can be both challenging and hilarious to understand.

Apryl Garcia got her grandma upgraded from a simple flip phone to a smartphone. She thought her grandma would enjoy playing games and keeping in touch with loved ones in this modern way. To some people, this adjustment can be like learning a new language.

Grandma was playing with her phone when she suddenly found what she thought was a “mirror.” Her phone was in selfie video mode and Grandma captured a hilarious video of herself becoming frustrated with her phone and her wrinkles.

This video is so relatable to anyone who has had a hard time learning a new gadget, whether it’s a phone or a remote control. It’s perfect for anyone who has had to teach an older person to use one of these devices. The struggle is real as this grandma can attest to that!

Watch the video below for a good laugh!

Apryl’s grandma quickly became a hit as so many of us can relate to the challenges of learning technology. The two of them were interviewed by a local television station about this viral video. Grandma still hasn’t learned how to use her new phone, but she has learned how to delete a lot of things, like important phone numbers.

While she is no Steve Jobs with a smartphone, it appears she is having fun with a slot machine app that she hasn’t accidentally deleted – yet!


How adorable! Apryl just wanted to help her Grandma, but sometimes it is hard to learn the new tricks of today’s technology! If you laughed at this video, click here to watch another Grandma learn how to use her Google Home!

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