DNA test reveals mom lying

Many Americans are taking DNA tests to help them learn more about their ethnicities. These tests can also help you locate distant or lost family members, along with revealing some deep secrets that can destroy families.

One Colorado woman learned a lot more than she expected when her dad bought the family Ancestry DNA tests as a fun present. The woman, who is protecting her identity by only going by Meg, learned from the test that the man she called Dad all her life is not her biological father. Her dad was the biological father of only one of his two daughters. The entire family’s hearts were broken that Meg’s father was lied to for four decades by his “devout” Mormon wife.

They were hopeful it was a mistake, but the results were confirmed when they took a 23AndMe test. Meg’s test linked her to a woman in another state who is her biological aunt. When she contacted the woman, Meg learned that her biological father was a man who she knew as a neighbor growing up.

This seemingly innocent gift had a rippling effect on two families and the revelation of the massive secret will affect them for life. What started off as something fun has changed the dynamics and relationships of Meg’s family for good.


Many people don’t consider the sort of secrets these tests can reveal before taking them, but it happens more often than you’d think.

Wendy Spencer learned through her DNA test that the father who raised her is not her biological father. She was prepared for this possibility before she got her results, but the real shock came when she met the man who was completely unlike her.

Her biological father harbors racist and anti-Semitic feelings while Wendy is part Jewish and her husband and daughter are Black. This DNA test led to a roller coaster of emotions for her entire family.


These tests can tell us a lot about where we come from. but they can unearth a lot of ugliness, too. This science was not available to the masses until recently, so many of these secrets would have gone unrevealed. Now, they’re coming to light more and more often.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been challenged to take a DNA test to determine if she actually is Native American or if she has been lying about her ethnicity. She continually refuses, leaving many to wonder what secrets she fears.

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Source: KDVR

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