Responsibilities take some parents away from their children for prolonged periods. This is Mario Sayson’s reality. He had to work outside of the country in order to support his family and he hadn’t seen his children in three years. When he came home to the Philippines, he surprised them in epic fashion!

A lot of changes occur over the span of three years, especially in the life of a child. These are impressionable ages where kids really need their fathers. In this era, families can stay connected over the internet, but there is no substitute for being in person. Mario hadn’t been home in three years because he was working as an Overseas Foreign Worker in Doha, Qatar as an electrical engineer. Families want to be together, but they have to pay the bills, too!

Princess and Joshua Sayson went out to lunch with their mom. They didn’t suspect anything unusual and were completely caught off guard by what happened. Mario asked the restaurant if he could be their server. Initially, he had his face covered with a bandanna like other servers wear, too.

When he finally removed his bandanna, his daughter was overcome with joy. As soon a she looked up at him, she recognized him immediately. Tears began to fall as her brother sat there obliviously for a short time, munching on his food as his father stood just feet away! Maybe he thought his sister was being a typical emotional teen for no good reason!

This reunion was so sweet and unexpected for these children and their beloved dad. Grab a Kleenex to watch the touching video below.

How sweet! What a wonderful way to reunite! Mario reports that he was crying as he was serving his children lunch behind the bandanna. It’s no wonder this video went viral. You can really feel the love between this father and his children!

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Source: Western Journal

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