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Dramatic video captured firefighters rescuing a construction worker seconds before the building collapsed around him.

Construction supervisor Curtis Reissig rushed to try to put out a small fire in the Houston building that was still being built. But he quickly became trapped in an inferno as 20 miles per hour winds fueled the fire.

He was eating lunch at 12:30 when someone reported the fire. He grabbed an extinguisher and headed to the roof. That decision almost cost him his life. Thankfully, the firefighters got him right in the nick of time!

“I could see, as they say, your life flash before your eyes,” Reissig said. “I saw my mom, my wife, my loved ones. I saw all them and I said I’ve got to get out of this. I thought they’re going to find my body right here. They’re going to find me dead right here.”

As the fire got closer to him on the top balcony, he found a creative and heart-stopping way to swing and jump to the balcony directly below him. People on the video can be heard gasping as they watched Reissig.

A fire truck approached him as he stood on a balcony to try to escape the flames, smoke, and extreme heat. It extended its ladder, but it didn’t quite reach Reissig. So, he had to extend himself to reach the ladder.

“I know they’re doing all they can, but in a situation like that, it seems like an eternity,” he reported.

Within seconds of Reissig getting on the ladder and it pulling away, the building collapsed in flames. Had they not moved the ladder, both the firefighter and Reissig likely would have been struck by the falling fiery debris.

After watching this video below, you’ll think an angel was looking out for these men.

Reissig suffered minor burns to his hand and face. Remarkably, there were no other injuries in the fire that could be seen for miles.

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Source: Daily Mail

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