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The liberal trophy culture has come to a New Jersey High School and the cheerleaders aren’t happy about it.

Mom Steps In When Entitled Cheerleader Doesn’t Make Team

A parent whose daughter didn’t make the cheer squad at Hanover Park High School decided to ruin it for everyone by complaining. The parent wanted her daughter included even though she didn’t make the cut.

The school’s Athletic Director bent to the demands of this parent and changed the policy so anyone who wants to be a cheerleader can join under the banner of “inclusivity.”

This upset the cheerleaders who were talented enough to make the team. They feel that their hard work meant nothing as anyone can be handed a uniform and pom poms without even trying.

This inclusive policy of letting anyone on the squad regardless of skill is a slap in the face to cheerleaders who take the sport seriously.

Schools Bends To Entitled Trophy Culture

When parents of the cheerleaders sent letters to the principal and Athletic Director asking for this new policy to be reversed, the principal threatened to disband the cheerleading squad altogether.

Ten cheerleaders and their parents went to a School Board meeting to make their case that hard work and tryouts should determine who makes the squad.

“I came up here to state that I did not put in 18 months of work to lead up to this moment, just to be told it didn’t matter anymore,” Jada Alcontara said.

Lots of tears were shed as the emotional cheerleaders made their case. Video about this and how this brand of trophy culture is hurting our kids is below.

Giving out trophies and spots on teams to everyone is not helping these children. Learning how to deal with failure and to prepare for success is an important childhood lesson.

This isn’t how it works in the real world and Mommy can’t come and complain to your boss in order for you to get your way.

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Source: New Jersey 12

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