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Ann Coulter doesn’t apologize for who she is and what she believes and she doesn’t take any prisoners when dealing with politically correct liberals that dominate the media. They hate her for this and it’s exactly why so many conservatives cheer her.

This conservative firebrand is fearless. And she doesn’t just take on liberals one at a time, she will walk right into the Lion’s Den of “The View” and leave them all shaking in their boots after dismantling their incorrect talking points.

The liberal media tries to portray Ann Coulter as a racist because she speaks out against illegal immigration. But, people who take the time to actually listen to her realize that she is not racist at all. She believes diversity doesn’t mean we have immigrants from one country – Mexico. Diversity means having immigrants from many countries, just not Mexico.

Before 1970, immigrants were more likely to go to college than they are today. After policy changes since then, some immigrants immediately go on welfare and commit crimes. Why are we accepting people into our country who leech off the system?

Liberals can’t handle Ann’s facts. They claim she is racist and offensive. But, facts aren’t racist. They are facts! When most of our immigrants are from only one country, that is not diversity! We have taken in 1/4 of the Mexican population! At one point is it enough?

Ann Coulter shuts down liberals everywhere she goes. If you are an Ann Coulter fan, you will love the video below that highlights some of her very best liberal takedowns!


Notice how the liberals don’t listen to what Coulter is actually saying. If she were a liberal commentator being treated this way by conservatives, they would cry sexism! Leftists feel the need to label everyone as a hater who simply disagrees with them!

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