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A young violinist shocked a lot of people after performing alongside world-renowned musicians. Akim Camera is a prodigy that will be impressing us for years to come.

When he was two years old, he attended a Christmas concert in Berlin. Afterward, he went up to Andre Reiu and told him that he wanted to play the violin. The violinist and conductor had many children approach him over the years, but Akim Camera was quite different.

Just a few months later, Akim was performing on stage next to the world famous Dutch violinist who inspired him. Andre told the story when he introduced Akim, who was just three years old at that point.

“Dear ladies and gentlemen, a few months ago, in December to be precise, we had a Christmas concert in Berlin. Afterward, a little boy came up to me. A two-year-old named Akim,” the conductor said.

“That is not unusual, we often have many small children in the audience,” he continued. “They sit on their mother’s lap, all fall asleep by the second act and wake up at the end with full diapers and have the time of their lives. Not Akim though. Akim stayed awake the entire time and said to his mother, ‘I want to play violin too. Like Andre.'”

Akim completely charmed the audience. His raw talent is completely mind-blowing. When he was just a preschooler, he held his own with one of the world’s best violinist. You’ll be amazed at the video below.

At the age of 5, Akim was again standing next to Reiu performing to a massive audience. The pair entertained the crowd by playing, “The Dance of the Fairies,” which you can watch in the video below.

Amazing! Hard work can get you where you are going, but raw talent can get you there a lot faster. Akim is proof of that!

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