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A California woman who was a surrogate thought she gave birth to identical twins for a Chinese couple. Weeks after the delivery, Jessica Allen learned that one of the boys was her own biological child, sending her into an expensive custody battle to bring her son home.

Allen wasn’t permitted to spend an hour with the boys before they were taken by the Chinese couple, even though this was previously agreed upon. Instead, she was given a picture of the “twins.” She noticed they didn’t look alike. One had light skin while the other looked Asian. This is not what she expected for identical twins, but a caseworker with the surrogacy agency assured her this was normal.

Weeks later, Allen got a message from the mother asking if she thought the babies look identical. “She told me that she was having doubts that one belongs to her,” Allen said. A DNA test proved that one of the boys was the biological son of Allen and her husband Wardell Jasper.

Their biological son was conceived after the surrogate baby, causing them to have different gestational ages. Allen reports that she waited to have relations with her husband until after they got confirmation she was pregnant with the Chinese couple’s child. It is incredibly rare for a woman to ovulate during a pregnancy, but that is what happened in this case.

They wanted their son, but he was essentially being held ransom. Allen and her husband explain in the video below that they were informed if they wanted their child, they would have to pay $22,000 or he would be put up for adoption.

Jessica Allen blames the surrogacy agency, Omega Family Global, for this mess that has sent them into substantial debt. She claims they told the intended mother that Allen was going to sue her. This resulted in a number of attorneys getting involved in the situation.

“I thought I wasn’t going to get him back because they were pressuring me to pay this money back first. Then they were saying that the intending mom was thinking about giving him up for adoption,” she told People. “I thought I had a child out there that I was gonna be forced to let go of all because I couldn’t buy him or because I couldn’t adopt him. They wanted me to buy or adopt my own child.”

Jessica Allen

“We tried to get him on numerous occasions, but one excuse they gave us was the intended parents didn’t want to sign over the power of attorney, so we didn’t get him,” Allen says. “We got another call and we were supposed to get him, then we didn’t because they were thinking about giving him up for adoption,” Jessica continued. “We tried to get him three different times and they just kept giving us an excuse.”

Malachi is now home with his biological family. All three of the couple’s sons are living together. Allen reports that she will never be a surrogate mother again.

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