Sophie Fatu

A talented and adorable five-year-old girl is bringing smiles to a lot of faces. Sophie Fatu has become a viral internet sensation. People can’t get enough of videos of her singing Frank Sinatra songs.

While most children her age would belt out “Old MacDonald” if handed a microphone, Sophie delightfully prefers Ol’ Blue Eyes. Her musically inclined mother helps out with her performances by playing the piano.

While Sophie has been singing Sinatra songs for a while, a recording of her belting out “Fly Me To The Moon” really captured a lot of attention and earned her invitations to perform on “Ellen” and “Little Big Shots.” This same performance is on many platforms and raking in a tremendous amount of views. Just one Facebook page’s share of the video has over 28 million views!

The adorable video below will melt your heart. Sophie obviously enjoys singing this song. Her smile at the end is simply precious. Her pitch is near perfect as well. This five-year-old has quite a gift!


It’s hard for someone to properly cover Frank Sinatra songs, but Sophie nailed this medium even before entering kindergarten. At just age four, she epically sang “My Way.” This is not an easy song to sing as it demonstrated the power of Sinatra’s voice.

Her adorable twist on this song will certainly make you smile, especially when she sings, ‘Wegrets, I’ve had a few…” As the song progresses, Sophie’s voice becomes stronger and louder.

You can watch Sophie sing “My Way,” when she was only four years old, in the video below.

This kid is going places! That is a remarkable amount of talent for someone to have at such a young age. I can see her competing on “America’s Got Talent” in the future.

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