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A former cast member on “Saturday Night Live” spoke out this week to criticize the show for being so blatantly anti-Donald Trump.

Rob Schneider got his start on “Saturday Night Live” back in the 1990s, but these days, he is no fan of the overly-politicized comedy show. Fox News reported that Schneider lamented that Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Trump has completely ruined the program.

“The fun of ‘Saturday Night Live’ was always you never knew which way they leaned politically,” Schneider told The New York Daily News. “You kind of assumed they would lean more left and liberal, but now the cat’s out of the bag they are completely against Trump, which I think makes it less interesting because you know the direction the piece is going.”

Schneider went on to compare Baldwin’s performance to comedian Dana Carvey’s impression of George H.W. Bush in the late ’80s and ’90s.

“Carvey played it respectfully,” Schneider said. “To me, the genius of Dana Carvey was Dana always had empathy for the people he played, and Alec Baldwin has nothing but a fuming, seething anger toward the person he plays.”

“I don’t find his impression to be comical,” Schneider added. “Because, like I said, I know the way his politics lean and it spoils any surprise. There’s no possible surprise. He so clearly hates the man he’s playing.”

A former Democrat, Schneider said that he recently became an Independent, a move that he says has gotten him backlash from his liberal fans.

“Literally if you don’t go the party line — you’re out. There’s a real ugliness to it,” he explained.

In the liberal entertainment industry, it’s rare these days to find an actor who is brave enough to go against the grain and criticize a television show for being too liberal. We applaud Schneider for speaking the truth about “Saturday Night Live,” as the show has indeed become far too radically left. The late-night show was once funny, but now it has an anger to it when portraying Trump that is difficult to laugh at. Perhaps “Saturday Night Live” should lighten up a bit before fans decide it’s not worth watching at all.

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