Rob Schneider

It’s tough being a conservative in Hollywood. It’s such a liberal environment that doesn’t appreciate diversity of thought.

But, comedian and actor Rob Schneider doesn’t seem to care. He blasted away at the Democrats, wrapping up their current political situation in just one tweet.

The Democrats are focused on blaming everything on Russia, but as Schneider points out in the tweet below that Russian interference doesn’t seem to be the issue.

Conservatives on Twitter loved it and backed him up against any liberals who were upset over the truth of the tweet.

As the Deuce Bigalow star pointed out, Democrats are only alienating themselves from voters by continually blaming everyone. The more they keep it up, the less important they will become.

He has burned the Democrats a few times on Twitter. One of the fiercest tweets came right after the election when he served up a bit of Democratic history.

Schneider stepped off the Hollywood Democrat plantation a few years ago when he endorsed a Republican for governor of California. Hopefully he won’t find himself blacklisted after serving up some truth to the Hollywood left!

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H/T: Daily Wire

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