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An NBC television show has joined in on Hollywood’s bigotry against Christians. “Timeless,” which airs on Sunday nights, mocked Christianity and praying. One of the main characters insisted that “God doesn’t exist” when another character mentioned her recent religious tendencies.

The show follows a government agency that uses a time machine to track a killer also using a time machine to murder his victims. This show typically has politically correct themes, but many think the show went too far in attacking Christianity during their prime time slot.

During the episode, Jiya asked Rufus if he thinks God exists. Rufus replied by mocking Christians and prayer. He even mocked his own mother for praying and equated himself to answering her prayers rather than God.

“When I was a kid, my mom used to thank God for every good thing that happened. And when something bad happened, she’d say, ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ or, ‘God has a plan,’” Rufus complains. “I watched my mom get on her knees and pray every night, begging God to take us out of our crappy neighborhood. But you know who did? Me. God doesn’t exist.”

Imagine an impressionable child watching this and hearing God doesn’t exist and prayer being mocked. This certainly isn’t the sort of television that many of us grew up with, but Hollywood is rather blatant with its anti-Christian agenda now.


Atheist liberals like to say bad things are proof that God doesn’t exist. But, God gives us free will, therefore there are consequences to our decisions.

“Timeless” uses a time machine to try to distort reality and push a PC agenda. In one episode, they traveled to the 18th century to learn that the United States was founded by sexist murderers who loved slavery. This is quite a distorted view of the reality of our Founding Fathers. NBC is pushing this politically correct agenda on Sunday of all days!

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Source: Breitbart

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