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An Indiana woman received a postcard six decades after her mother sent it. In fact, her mom passed away over 40 years before she got this postcard that was postmarked August 26, 1958. This very late piece of mail became an unexpected treasure for Sharon Gongwer, who lost her mother so many years ago.

Mail doesn’t always arrive to its intended recipient. It might get damaged or lost along the way, particularly if it is traveling a far distance. In Sharon’s case, it was stuck in a hotel filing cabinet for just shy of 60 years.


Christine Combs, the manager of the Quality Inn & Suites in Goshen, was cleaning when she discovered the postcard addressed to Miss Sharon Ann Gongwer in nearby Wakarusa, Indiana. “I looked at the date and thought, how strange is that?” the hotel manager said.

She was able to locate Sharon at an assisted living facility not far from the hotel. Sharon was thrilled to get this mail from her mom, who died long ago. It was a very unexpected treat.

Sharon Gongwer

Sharon’s mother sent the postcard from Los Angeles. It showed a palm tree-lined street, but the real gift for Sharon was seeing her handwriting and reading about the details of her trip to California.

“It’s a touch of my mother,” Gongwer said. “I don’t have many of her things anymore. To have a postcard in this good of condition is amazing.”

While many people would have discarded the postcard, Combs understood the significance it likely would have to Sharon. “I’m glad I could make you smile today,” Combs said.

Neither woman has a clue regarding how the postcard ended up at the hotel. It likely will remain a mystery. Perhaps it was just incorrectly delivered to someone and just got lost in the shuffle of life. In this case, a very late postcard ended up as a precious gift.

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