Most times in folklore and in real life, mail carriers in the United States are often shown having to deal with temperamental dogs. A territorial dog can cause a serious challenge for a mailman who just wants to deliver the mail without getting mauled.

One mailman had a different issue. But, when he told people about it, they didn’t believe him.

So, when he went to make his mail deliveries to a particular house, he had his video camera going.

Guard Cat Lies In Wait

The mail carrier who delivered mail to this house said he had to deal with this territorial cat every single day.

When you see this cat’s antics you’ll understand why could be frustrating to do this every day but also very funny.

And, you can tell in the video that the mail carrier has a sense of humor about it and loves a challenge.

The cat waited for him at the window. When he tried to put the mail in the slot, the cat wasn’t having it!

Maybe this cat’s owners didn’t want the bills delivered. Smart cat!

Watch the video and try not to laugh! 

This Cat Hates Junk Mail

It’s impossible to be mad at this cat.

Maybe he’s a mean cat. Or just maybe he’s playing a cat and mouse game with his friend the mailman who visits six days a week.

It sure is a funny way to get your mail. The best part is when the cat gets frantic and finally pulls the mail into the slot!

I had a cat who was sweet and playful who would smack the mailman through the mail slot.

However, the Post Office stopped delivering mail as they labeled him a “vicious cat”. Vicious my foot!

The whole thing was preposterous given the fact that my “vicious cat” was declawed. He was just playing – that was his personality!

I actually had to get a letter from the vet just for my mail to start being delivered again!

Do you have a cat or dog who hates junk mail too? Share your pet story in the comments!

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