Gaines son name

“Fixer Upper” is coming to a close, but this will help usher in a big change in Chip and Joanna Gaines’ lives. They will now be able to spend more time with their children. This is particularly important since Joanna is pregnant with their fifth child.

Fans were excited to hear the news last month when the Gaineses revealed the gender of their baby. They currently have two boys and two girls so this child is going to be a gender tiebreaker! When it was announced that Joanna was pregnant with another boy, people immediately wondered what his name will be.

Chip and Joanna are planning to give him a name that compliments those of their boys Duke and Drake. Chip announced the gender of the baby in an adorable Twitter video that you can see below. They are searching for another D name and obviously prefer masculine names for their sons. So far, the only D name Chip has come up with is Dragon!

Chip and Joanna obviously prefer names that highlight the typical traits of their children’s genders. Their girls have feminine names, Ella Rose and Emmie Kay, while their boys have tough and rugged names. This family isn’t into today’s trends of more gender-neutral names!

“Fixer Upper” fans have been suggesting D names for the expecting couple. People magazine had a poll for Baby Boy Gaines’ name. The choices were Dane, Donovan, Deacon, and Chip’s suggestion of Dragon. Deacon won in a landslide!

While many deliberate this important decision, there is nothing to fear. Chip and Joanna are sure to pick the perfect name for their third son.

“Fixer Upper” is about to end its run on HGTV. Fans will be sad not to see new episodes of Chip and Joanna’s endeavors, but this loveable power couple should be applauded for putting their family first!

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Source: Liftable