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Fans were shocked when Chip and Joanna Gaines announced the end of their successful HGTV show Fixer Upper. Not only are the husband and wife talented at designing and restoring homes, but they are a strong couple. Those types of relationships aren’t seen often on television these days, so the Gaineses really filled that gap.

There were lots of rumors about what the “real” reason was for their decision to end the show. There had even been divorce rumors circulating before the announcement. It was hard for many to understand why this couple would walk away from a blockbuster show that plucked them out of obscurity.

The Gaineses insisted they were ending Fixer Upper to focus on their family and their own businesses. Their empire grew quickly and they didn’t want to miss out on these important years with their children. Naysayers didn’t believe this as many of them worship the almighty dollar. But, Chip and Joanna proved them wrong with a blockbuster announcement that will have their fans excited.

They are expecting another child. Joanna is pregnant with their fifth baby! Clearly, they did want to focus on their family.

In Chip’s announcement on Instagram, Joanna is seen sporting a bit of a baby bump. Chip is having some fun sporting a bump himself. Joanna pats his food baby in the post in which Chip tells fans they will soon be a family of seven! Chip and Joanna already have two daughters and two sons. Baby number five will break that tie.┬áCheck out the post below!

Family and faith are focal points for the Gaineses. They were previously under fire from the leftists in the media for their Christian faith. They will likely be a target for having a fifth child by some in the mainstream media.

A child is to be celebrated. This child will certainly be loved beyond measure. Fans will be happy to hear this terrific news. Joanna posted an ultrasound video of this bundle of joy hours after the annoucement. That is below.

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Source: EOnline

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