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Country stars The Swon Brothers have a new song that laments the destruction of traditional values. “Whatever Happened” details how things have changed dramatically in our country. The destruction of the family and traditional marriage is addressed in this song Colton and Zach Swon wrote in under an hour.

The former 2013 contestants on “The Voice” start the song by addressing the casual breakdown of marriages and its ill effects on society.

What ever happened to staying together
When you said “I do” it meant “I do”, forever
We got daddies leaving and strung out mothers
And we got brothers killing brothers

The Swon Brothers finished “The Voice” in third place. They have been continuing to make music ever since. This song could really strike a chord with people because it deals specifically with how the breakdown of the family has caused serious problems in society.

Liberals in the entertainment industry are likely to object to a song about traditional values, but The Swon Brothers make a good point that things started turning sour when traditional marriage came under attack.

Country fans will love “What Ever Happened.” You can watch The Swon Brothers sing the acoustic version of the song below.

It’s rather profound that The Swon Brothers released a song about traditional marriage now. Colton Swon married Caroline Glasier earlier this month. The couple met when they were contestants on “The Voice.” Older brother Zach served as Best Man for the wedding.

Carrie Underwood was one of the guests to watch Swon and Glasier say “I do!” Underwood has been keeping a very low profile since her November fall that caused her to break her wrist and suffer a facial injury. The “American Idol” winner quietly sat in the back while the bride and groom tied the knot.

The Swon Brothers were an opening act for Carrie Underwood during her 2016 Storytellers Tour. Although she has been keeping a low public profile since her fall, she was there to support Colton Swon when he got married.

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