mcdonald's gold card

Some lucky people have the distinct pleasure of having free McDonald’s french fries anytime they want. Not only can they get fries, but they can get anything on the menu for free.

This golden card doesn’t exist in dreams. It’s real and it allows its owners to have free McDonald’s food at select locations.

This information came to light when Rob Lowe mentioned it on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The St. Elmo’s Fire star pulled out his gold card to prove they do indeed exist.

Lowe got his from a friend, David Peterson, who is a McDonald’s franchise owner. Peterson’s father Herb invented the Egg McMuffin in 1972. David Peterson has the ability to hand out gold cards that allow the recipients to get free food on demand at any of his franchises.

Franchises around the country have been known to give out these gold cards to local heroes to celebrate their accomplishments or bravery.

Charles Ramsey is a good example of that. He was in the middle of eating a Big Mac when he rescued three young women who had been held captive by their kidnapper for years. Ramsey’s heroism was rewarded, and he received free McDonald’s. Ramsey can get a free Big Mac anywhere in Ohio for the rest of his life.

The video of Ramsey recounting his Big Mac rescue that earned him the Gold Card is below.

At least two people were given cards that allow them to get free food at any McDonald’s, regardless of who owns the franchise. Mitt Romney said that his father was given one by McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, who was known to hand out “Be Our Guest” cards.

Warren Buffett McDonald's gold card

Bill Gates has a Gold Card that grants him free McDonald’s food at any location for the¬†duration of his life. Warren Buffett has a Gold Card that grants him free food at any Omaha McDonald’s.

Fortunately, you don’t need a Gold Card to have unlimited McDonald’s fries. You can actually make them right in your own kitchen. Click here for the recipe.

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